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Congratulations to Metric’s “Business Of The Year 2014”

Congratulations to Metric’s “Business Of The Year 2014”

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Ai-Media is an innovative global group that uses breakthrough technology to deliver captioning for the disabled

Ai-Media is an innovative global group that uses breakthrough technology to deliver captioning for disabled people in schools, universities and the workplace. Founded in Australia in 2003 as a social enterprise, the Group has enjoyed considerable growth and now provides its services across the globe 24 hours a day. 

This Award-Winning Group met Metric during the acquisition of one of its UK subsidiaries. Impressed with the level of advice and professionalism provided, the company decided to engage Metric as their UK firm of accountants. Since this point, Metric has provided a range of accountancy and advisory services to AI Media. 

A key part of AI Media’s success has been its continued use of R&D to develop technology that is truly ground breaking. The R&D work undertaken includes sophisticated captioning technology as well as the Group’s bespoke internal Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

Metric Accountants have been able to advise the Group on their UK R&D Tax Credits application, which makes cash available to allow the company to continue to invest and grow. The close working relationship between the company and Metric has ensured that the R&D claim is maximised. 

“It feels like working with an in-house finance team, rather than a firm of accountants. The level of detail, communication and thoughtfulness that went into their work was quite amazing and so appreciated.”

Beth Abbott, UK Manager and Director, AI Media

The Group has also recognised the importance of Intellectual Property to their business – both in terms of legal protection and financially. 

The Group has successfully applied for a number of patents and is eligible to elect to apply Patent Box tax legislation, which halves the Group’s corporation tax rate on eligible profits. 

This new tax saving opportunity, which was identified thanks to Metric’s proactive approach, is yet another example of how innovative companies such as AI Media can (with the right advice) make use of the incentives available to them. 

“I feel incredibly lucky to have found them and consider them to be an integral part of the Company.””

Beth Abbott, UK Manager and Director, AI Media 

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