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Special Services For Innovative, High Growth Companies

We help make companies more successful by providing innovative, practical ideas to help you serve more customers, more efficiently (and increase profits) AND increasing the likelihood of successfully raising finance to fund further investment.

There are several ways our expert advice can help, such as

  • Develop a growth strategy and business plan
  • Profitability and pricing analysis
  • Improve cashflow and credit management
  • Grants funding (e.g. Technology Strategy Board and Design Council)
  • Financing advice (short, medium and long term)
  • Business valuations
  • Business acquisitions
  • Due diligence of potential acquisitions
  • Working capital management
  • Build a strong business plan.
  • Financial analysis (using “big data”)

Our pricing

Our pricing is very straight forward and highly competitive.

We operate on a fixed fee basis and spread fees throughout the year where possible. Plus, as we don’t “bundle” services together, you only pay for the services you need.  

It couldn’t be simpler.

How we can help

We’re confident that the combination of our experience of successfully helping high growth companies (including Design and Technology companies and Tech start-ups) and our tried and tested approach will ensure your company is more successful for the long term as a result of working with us.

As we operate on a fixed fee basis and spread fees throughout the year where possible (unlike many competitors), this makes it completely risk free for you to speak to us.

In order to find out how your business can benefit from the scheme, book your free 45 minute consultation contact us on 0203 542 4990.


Publicly available statistics provide the answers. The most commonly cited reasons why companies fail or underachieve are:

  • Poor cash flow
  • Insufficient profit margins
  • Slow paying customers
  • High fixed costs
  • Insufficient investment

What do all these reasons have in common: Poor Financial Management.

If these companies had access to sound financial advice, many of these businesses would be much more successful. 


So, how can we help you?


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Work with us

Work with us

If you want us to work on your business personally and dramatically improve its profitability, compare our range of services to our competitors.

If you like what you see contact us for a FREE 45 minute consultation to discuss how we could help you.