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Strategic Advice

We can help you tackle the growing pains

The UK now produces more start up businesses per capita than the US but not enough are scaling to become household names. This is because these would-be scale ups are failing to overcome the “growing pains” that face all companies as they try to service a larger customer base whilst managing a larger workforce and tight cashflows.

So what should a would-be scale up company do to ensure that it manages these hurdles and continues to grow?

accountants for high tech companies

What successful companies do differently

Research has identified that two of the key reasons that companies fail to scale are:

  • the lack of access to key expertise and talent, and
  • not having access to the right finance.

Two key areas – expertise and finance. If your business is able to overcome these hurdles successfully, it can continue to thrive and grow as it has to date.

We are able to help fill this gap. We can provide the strategic and financial expertise to identify opportunities and deal with threats. We can also help you access the finance that the company needs to progress.

FAILURE: So why do most companies fail to achieve their potential?

So if it’s so simple, why have so many companies traditionally shirked away from hiring the necessary expertise?

Traditionally, it has largely been due to the cost. In the past, business owners didn’t invest because the financial pain barrier was too high.

If a scale up company needed specialist strategic and financial advice they faced a choice between a “high street” firm and a large, multinational accountancy firm.

Well that’s all changed. Metric Accountants, was formed by alumni of the large, multinational accountancy firms  and is devoted to providing technology and high growth companies with high quality, strategic advice but without the usual high cost.

Consequently, we are continually providing strategic and financial advice to scale ups to help them grow and develop into the companies that they want to be.

Key ways we can help

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