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Why Our Clients Use Us

7 Reasons why our clients use us

  1. We only work with Innovative private limited companies based in London.As a result of specialising, we have become experts at helping companies grab the opportunities and avoid the potential pitfalls that you are likely to face. Tax rules are changing all the time and it’s difficult for even the professionals to keep up-to-date. By focusing solely on innovative companies, we’re confident that we are best placed to help you. We choose to only work with London-based businesses because we know it’s important to be “just around the corner” when you need us most.Click here to learn what we mean by an “Innovative company”.
  2. We are friendly and approachable.We understand that you’ll need to speak to us with ad hoc queries from time to time. We welcome such queries, as it demonstrates how much our clients trust us. That’s one of the reasons why over 70% of new clients join us through recommendation and why 99.4% of clients agree that we provide a “high quality service”.
  3. We love using technology to deliver excellent service time after time.Our streamlined processes and integrated technology allow us to provide a fast, secure and reliable service to our clients. For example, our secure online portal allows financial records to be shared between you and us, providing you with access to your accounts and tax records whenever you need it, wherever you are.
  4. We do not provide a “one size fits all” service.Whilst it would be very easy for us to provide a “one size fits all” service to multiple clients, we know that’s not in your interests. We believe it’s important to understand your needs and to provide a service that fits. Not the other way round.
  5. We regularly meet our clients.This sounds weird, but it’s true – some business owners have never been visited by their accountant. If you believe, like us, that it’s important for an Accountant to regularly meet a client and to understand where the business is and where it’s heading that kind of service will fall short of what you need.
  6. We are registered Chartered Accountants.You may not be aware that anyone can call themselves an accountant. By choosing us you can have peace of mind that the finances of your business are in the hands of qualified professionals. Even better, we’re a recognised SME Funding Adviser, a scheme designed to identify accountancy firms that can provide financial advice to small and medium sized businesses and an accredited Growth Advisor.
  7. We provide a risk free money back guarantee.Due to the 7 reasons set out above, we believe we can deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. However, if within the first 60 days you are not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a no-quibble 100% refund. Guaranteed.

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Work with us

Work with us

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