Finance Department

Your Own Dedicated Finance Department

Perhaps you’re a start up that needs to focus on what you’re good at whilst building credibility in the eyes of your customers and suppliers as quickly as possible. If so, you want know that the financial side of the business is running smoothly and any issues are identified (and resolved) quickly.

Alternatively, your company may have successfully overcome the early hurdles and is now growing quickly. You are now more familiar with what your customers want. As a result, revenues and customers are increasing with many new opportunities now open to you.

You may be trying to increase your range of products or services, heavily invest in new and improved staff, technology and marketing initiatives in order to drive growth in new markets and distribution channels.

Whatever your current stage of development, many high growth companies face similar issues. These are likely to include encountering increasing competition, a need for better processes to deal with the higher volume of customers, the need for increased access to cash to finance the next round of growth, and a need for quality talent to deal with the influx of business.

How we can help your company

Financial Expertise

Have financial expertise at Board meetings

We understand that many high growth companies have considerable commercial expertise and technical knowledge but perhaps do not have a financial background.

Such companies often find it helpful to have a financial expert attending Board meetings and to talk through the financial data and the implications this may have for the business.


Establish credibility

We recognise that start-ups find it very difficult to earn the trust of finance providers, customers and suppliers.

By having a well respected firm of accountants on board from day one, we can help you to build the credibility that all businesses crave as quickly as possible.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce overheads

Many companies do not need a full time Finance Director and supporting team.

We can provide the financial support that you need, at all levels, to ensure you meet your objectives in a cost efficient way.

Safe Hands

Know your numbers

We know how difficult it can be to juggle all the different pressures on your time.

We can help to relieve the burden and give you confidence that your finances are in safe hands.

Decision Making

Improve decision making

We can provide regular management information so that you see the demands that are likely to be placed on the business’ finances and other resources.

Free Your Time

Reduce your time burden

We can manage the financial aspects of the business, to free up management’s time to focus on customers’ needs and product development.


Understand your weak points

We can analyse your business operations, management and competitive advantages to help you assess the worth of your business.

Maximise Value

Improve the value of your business

We can guide you through the necessary actions you can take to maximise the value that a potential buyer is willing to pay.

Accountancy services that can help you and your company include:

  • Virtual Finance Director” or Board Advisor
  • Annual accounts preparation
  • Corporation tax preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Management reporting
  • Payroll services
  • Pensions services
  • VAT return preparation
  • Personal self assessment tax return preparation

What Our Clients Say

It was a good day for our business when we found Metric.

They have given us extraordinary support in many areas – everything from great bookkeeping to strategic advice.


John Maltman, CEO

What does it cost and what’s involved?

We provide a tailored service to meet your needs for a fee that is always fixed and agreed in advance.

As you’d expect, the work involved varies from company to company as the complexity and volume of transactions can differ significantly.

What’s more, some clients are well placed to undertake some of the work themselves “in-house” whilst others prefer to ask an accountant to take care of the finances, so that they can concentrate on the core business.

Whichever approach works best for your company, we’re able to assist, working with management to provide a seamless service.

What makes us different

We share your ethos

For many, the tech startup scene is about lifestyle choice and purpose. We feel the same way.

Involved in the disruptive community

We actively seek to interact and learn from the disruptive community in order to improve the ways in which we help.

Value for money

We strive to provide quality advice which is good value for money and on fair payment terms.

Our strong professional network

Because we are specialists, we have developed strong relationships with a range of key players in our sector.

Appeared In

Members Of

Great firm. With been with them for over 3 years now, since the day we created the Company. Throughout they’ve been amazing.

Ed Challis, Reinfer Ltd

I approached Metric to help us set up our first business. As a start-up it’s difficult to know what to do, where to go and who to trust. Years later, we are still using Metric and class them as an integral part of our business. They are a trusted adviser and I would highly recommend their services.

Gavin Shay , Equipsme Group

Metric Accountants has been supporting the Company for the past few years. The team is very competent and understands the requirements of a tech business well. They will take all the SEIS/EIS/VAT/R&D/accounts issues off your mind so that you can focus on running your own business. They are also just lovely people to work with. I could not recommend more.

Bartosz Jaskula, Mergerlinks Ltd

Excellent, helpful, friendly and professional with competitive fees. Would highly recommend!

Neil Terry, Vidsy Media Group

Metric are fabulous business partners. They are a true extension of the team. Beyond a great service, they are true advisors.

Katie Vanneck-Smith, Tortoise Media Ltd

Metric Accountants have supported us from the founding of our company, helping us through several years of growth. They’re always available at the end of the phone and represent really excellent value for money. Choosing Metric was one of the best decisions I made!

Kat Bruce, Nature Metrics Ltd